Readiness and Emergency Planning Harnessing the Power of the Cloud & Mobile Devices


In an Emergency, Binders Do Not Work, But Technology Does

REM4 gives you the tools you need to develop, maintain distribute and communicate emergency operating plans across multiple facility organizations. Our dashboard allows you to store life and property saving information in the cloud, giving your emergency response teams, the information they need, when they need it – even on their mobile devices.


REM4 Puts You in Control

Easily manage all aspects of your emergency planning.

Manage Your
Contacts and Teams
  • Customize member access to plans and information
  • Communicate with individuals and teams
  • Create task and audit lists for members
  • Easily include first responders
Manage Plans
  • Expedite building plans with built in knowledge base
  • Customize tactical and actionable activities per hazard
  • Upload existing documents and plans for easy reference
Manage Images
  • Upload and annotate floor plans
  • Upload and annotate site plans, aerials, and facility images
  • Share images with members
  • In the event of an emergency, easily access the images first responders need.

Easily Manage Multiple Facilities and their Emergency Operating Plans

REM4 makes maintaining and distributing Emergency Operations Plans simple and cost effective

  • Create and maintain multiple plans for multiple facilities
  • Create and edit tactical and actionable emergency operating plans
  • Expedite plan building – utilize the REM4 hazard content and customize plans right from your dashboard or add your own content
  • Access emergency operating plans right from your mobile device
  • Easily upload your organization's emergency operating plans for easy reference

Communicate With Your Staff and Emergency Response Teams

  • Broadcast by email and text to all system members
  • Send and receive, photos, video and voice alerts.
  • Issue text notifications to team members
  • Access team members full contact information from your mobile device.

Review Critical Plans and Images Instantly, Across Multiple Facilities

When an emergency happens, accessing accurate and up to date, emergency operating plans and images quickly and easily, can be lifesaving. Make sure your response teams have the information they need, when they need it the most.

REM4 Emergency Alerts

REM4 Mobile Alert, gives every member of your organization, the ability to communicate quickly and easily.

  • The mobile app gives every member in your organization, the ability to send emergency alerts to you and your response team.
  • In the event of an emergency, staff members can send alerts to your team, informing them of an event with audio, video, or voice information, allowing your team to respond quickly and accurately.
  • REM4 Mobile Command

    The power of REM4, right in the palm of your hand.

    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile App
    Send Alerts
    • Message
    • Hazard
    • Location
    • Team communication
    • Contact Information
    View Plans
    • Preparedness
    • Prevention/Mitigation
    • Response
    • Recovery
    View Images
    • Aerials
    • Site Plans
    • Floor Plans
    • Photos
    • Documents

    Take Control of Your Emergency Management with REM4

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    These organizations have leveraged the power of Rem4 and cloud-based emergency management.

    Emergency Management
    with REM4

    REM4 follows the
    Four Stages of Emergency Management


    This phase is focused on the creation of procedures, that are designed to save lives and to minimize damage when an emergency occurs.

    All too often, these plans are created but not continuously improved upon, or easily available when emergencies happen. REM4 takes your emergency plans out of the “binder” and into the cloud, making them available on any device, reducing time and risk during an emergency.


    Prevention / Mitigation is the cornerstone of emergency management. It’s the continuing effort to lessen the impact that emergencies and disasters have on people and property.

    REM4 provides life and facility saving information quickly and efficiently to those who need it, it also gives your team a tool to alert you of emergencies quickly. Reducing risk, and ultimately, cost.


    The response phase includes the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the emergency or disaster area.

    REM4 gives each team member the information they need to respond and communicate efficiently and effectively during the emergency, thus reducing response time and risk to personnel and property.


    Recovery is defined as the actions taken to return the organization to normal following a disaster. Repairing, replacing, or rebuilding property are examples of recovery.

    Recovery efforts are primarily concerned with actions that involve rebuilding destroyed property, re-employment, and the repair of other essential infrastructure.